sophie's photoshop commission info 💕

!! important message!!
i'm not actually doing commissions right now. Keeping this page up because it's helpful, but rn i'm just doing free requests. Head to my photoshop instagram to request something or look at my work :)
- - - - - - -

Hi! I'm Sophie. I'm a trans girl and I know how to do some things with photoshop. If you have any image you want edited, you should pay me to do it for you.

I can:

  • remove backgrounds from photos - 1 dollar

  • recolor photos or parts of photos - 2 dollars

  • edit things into different locations - 2 dollars

I will add 1-2 dollars if it seems complicated. I'll let you know the price before I start working on it.

check out examples of my work scroll up for my ps instagram

disclaimer: Its not my business where you get your images. if you get me to photoshop a picture, and the owner of the picture gets mad at you, it's not my fault you used that image without asking. thats on you bro

More things I can do

to commission haha. just look at my shit on instagram and request a png, tiled background, edit, facial warp, literally ANYTHING im so bored yo

the following images are examples of things I can do. i'm super good at removing the background from images. My favorite thing to edit is moths

recolors (above duh) don't look very realistic. Theyre good if you want a reference of your warrior cats character or something

this example (of a dog I put in the arc de triomphe) isn't my finest work, because neither image was very high quality. The nicer the image, the better it will look, duh

i can do tons of shit in photoshop. im like a wizard. tell me what you want and chances are i can do it. bro

Also i have a basic understanding of HTML/CSS. if you need some help adding a feature to your website, or customizing it, i can help you out

im not that good though so maybe ask someone whos like an expert